Things to Believe In

Previously published on my Tumblr page,

I have decided to compile a list of different things that I can believe in even though I’ve sort of lost my connection to the major religions of the world.

1#: The resilience of the human spirit

I can look up stories about how human beings have overcome insurmountable obstacles, pushed through hatred and prejudice, and made achievements that no one else had ever made before. Whether it’s walking on the moon, living without limbs, or just becoming independent in a country where one is considered a second class citizen, humans have done amazing things. Instead of allowing ourselves to feel less-than because we haven’t yet done these things ourselves, we should be encouraged to aim for our absolute best at all times. We are often surprised to find that the strength we hold inside is far more than we really thought that it was.

2#: The power of love

I know there’s a lot of evil, nasty people in this world, but we have to believe that there’s some good too. Love comes in many forms and in many unexpected places. Whether it’s in the story of a person who saves her friend by pushing him out of the way of an oncoming vehicle, only to be hit and killed herself, or in the story of men who were buried alive in coal mines because they were trying to make a better life for their families, love is an amazing thing and it’s there when we’re looking for it and when we’re not. Whether you don’t care if all the world dies but would die for your pet, or you’re a person that has no loving family but have a bond of friendship with someone that is almost inseparable, you have a right to believe in the power of love.

3#: The freedom of choice

After being taught that everything is predestined and destiny is inescapable, it’s refreshing to believe in the power of my choices today. Whether I choose to believe in God or not, whether I choose to believe in love or not, or have any hope in the good of humanity, I should at least be able to have a sense of my own autonomy. I should have the right to feel like I’m more than my lot in life, that things I say and do can make a difference, and that I can stand up for myself when people try to wrong me. No one should be allowed to take the power of choice away from me, even if in so choosing I may have to live with undesirable consequences. I am my own person!

(This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it works for now. I’ll add more things as I think of them.)


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